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Now you can access all of Verify Markets' previous and upcoming rental equipment and temporary power solutions reports. The subscription will allow your organization to download all available reports in the rental equipment and power solutions sector for 1 year. You will also receive all newly published reports during the year and have input on report topics to be covered. 

Reports available in the subscription:

2019 North American Power Rental Market (Q4) $5,500.00
2019 North American APUs/Portable Power Market (Q3) $5,500.00
2019 North American Trench Shoring Rental Equipment Market (Q3)
2019 European Air Compressor Rental Market $5,500.00
2019 North American Pump Rental Market $5,500.00
2019 North American Aerial Lift Rental Market $5,500.00
2019 Latin American Generator Set Market $5,500.00
2019 North American Temporary Heating $5,500.00
2018 Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) Market: Africa and Asia $2,000.00
2018 North America UPS Rental $2,500.00
2017 North America Boiler Rental $5,500.00
2017 North America Temporary Cooling $6,000.00
2017 Global Power Rental $6,500.00
2017 European Power Rental $5,500.00
2017 Latin America Power Rental  $4,500.00
2017 North America Electrical Distribution Rental $5,500.00
2017 North American Power Rental $5,500.00
2017 North America Air Compressor Rental $5,500.00
2016 North American Temporary Heat $5,500.00
2016 Africa Power Rental $3,500.00
2016 Australia New Zealand Power Rental $2,500.00
2016 Indonesian Power Rental $1,500.00
2016 Chinese Power Rental $1,500.00
2015 Indian Subcontinent Power Rental $3,500.00
2015 Middle Eastern Power Rental $3,500.00
2015 North American Power Rental $3,500.00
 -  -
Total price of content is sold separately $120,500.00


All reports within the annual subscription are available for viewing and download on Verify Markets' web portal immediately after purchase. Access to content is only available while subscription is active.  If immediate assistance is needed, please call +1.210.595.9687 and someone will help you right away.