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This study focuses on the Latin American air compressor rental market with geographical coverage of Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and the rest of Latin America. For purposes of this research, compressed air rental includes oil-free, oil-flooded, and instrument quality (IQ) units.

This report provides an overview of the air compressor rental market in Latin America  and has focused on oil-free diesel, oil-flooded diesel, oil-flooded electric and oil-free electric air compressors. The report is further segmented by class 1 vs class 0, horsepower (HP) range and pressure (psi) range. The report captures the growth drivers, restraints, market trends, technology market landscape, and supplier landscape.

[Published January 2024]

The focal point of the analysis remains rental air compressors in Latin America only and does include any other rental equipment products. The total revenue provided in the study is solely the revenue generated from the rental business and does not include any peripheral costs or supplementary materials costs. The scope of this study does not include sales or refurbishment of this equipment. This study only focuses on equipment rented out to customers for use. The scope of the study encompasses Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and the Rest of Latin America. The base year for the study is 2023 with forecasts to 2030.

This report captures the following information about the Latin American Air Compressor Equipment Rental Market:

  • Market Size, Growth Rate, Revenue Forecast (2023-2030)
  • Growth Drivers & Restraints
  • Market Challenges
  • Market Trends
  • Technology Trends
  • Market Landscape
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Market Share by Revenue for Competitor, Equipment Type, and End-user 
  • Strategic Recommendations and Opportunities
  • Quotes by Key Industry Participants

End-User Categories:

Construction – Air compressors in construction power pneumatic tools like nail guns and jackhammers, facilitate tasks such as concrete spraying and sandblasting, and enable efficient material handling through pneumatic conveyors.

General Manufacturing – In general manufacturing, air compressors drive various pneumatic tools, streamline production processes, and support automation for precise and consistent operations. They play a pivotal role in tasks like assembly, machining, and material handling, ensuring efficient and reliable performance across diverse applications.

Oil & Gas - In the oil & gas industry, air compressors are crucial for powering pneumatic tools used in drilling, well maintenance, and pipeline construction. Compressed air is employed for pneumatic conveyance, assisting in the transport of materials within the production and refining processes. Additionally, air compressors play a role in providing control air for valves and actuators, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of operations in the industry.

Companies Featured: 

Major market participants include: Atlas Copco, Sullair Argentina S.A., Ingersoll Rand, and Kaeser Kompressoren SE. Others include Agul Brasil, Tecturbo, Aircenter, SKRental, Loxam Degraus, and Leroy Merlin, among others.


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