Our Executive Team

Verify Markets is a global B2B market research and consulting firm specializing in industrial, environmental, energy, consumer products and water markets. Our research & consulting practice provides global industry analysis, customized research engagements, end-user research and analysis, strategy consulting, market intelligence and forecasts that are designed to aid company strategic planning and diligence efforts.

We publish off-the-shelf reports available ad-hoc, as well as subscriptions for enterprise access to all existing and upcoming published reports via web portal for one year. Subscriptions are available for Rental Equipment and Power Solutions, Water and Wastewater Treatment, and Aromatherapy, Diffuser, and Air Purification

Our project teams are comprised of industry market experts, creative thinkers, business analysts, and independent consultants located around the world. We work with our clients to bring solutions to every project and deliver reliable data and trends based on primary research. Contact us to see how we can help deliver valuable data and insights to your organization.

Haley Rico

Managing Partner & Founder

Haley Rico is a Managing Partner and founder of Verify Markets. Haley is responsible for overall company growth, operations, strategy and implementation. She has over 15 years of experience in the consulting industry and knowledge of branding and strategy through data analytics. She focuses on consultative sales and relationship building.

She works closely with major clients to help them reach their growth objectives. Haley also manages consulting projects and customized client research at Verify Markets.

Haley has a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Physics with focus on Mathematics from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Shilpa Tiku

Managing Partner and Chief Research Officer

Shilpa has experience in research and consulting for over 15 years. She focuses on monitoring and analyzing emerging trends, technologies and market dynamics in several global markets. Some of the markets that Shilpa has researched include residential water treatment, wastewater treatment, advanced water treatment, mobile water treatment, residential air treatment, waste management, air pollution control, and cookware. She works closely with major water companies and provides growth and consulting strategies for them. Shilpa has published articles in various publications, including Industrial Water World. She manages consulting projects and customized client research at Verify Markets. She is also responsible for training analysts at Verify Markets. Shilpa has a degree in environmental engineering and a MBA in marketing.

Anthony Miller

Managing Partner

Anthony Miller is acting Managing Partner at Verify Markets and is involved in all aspects of research and sales efforts. Prior to his role at Verify Markets, he acted as an analyst and consultant within the Energy and Power Systems industry. He has worked on consulting projects in competitive intelligence, strategy, R&D, risk management, procurement, sales, marketing, supply-chain and distribution.