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This study aims to provide a detailed analysis of the North American Cooling Towers Market along with qualitative trends for the year 2021.

The market numbers included in this report represent revenues generated by companies operating in the cooling towers market in the United States and Canada, both manufacturing and rental. The base year for the study is 2021 and the forecast period is from 2021 until 2028. The report captures the growth drivers, restraints, market trends, market share by revenue, and the competitive landscape.

[Published October 2022]

The North American Cooling Towers: OEM and Rental Markets competitive with the presence of local, regional, and national market participants trying to gain market share and maintain a foothold in the market. The OEM market is mature and projected to experience slow growth during the next seven years, while the rental market is in a growth stage with a double-digit CAGR projected over the forecast period.

A cooling tower is defined as a heat rejection device which extracts heat in the atmosphere though the cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature. Evaporative heat rejection devices, such as cooling towers, are commonly used to provide significantly lower water temperatures than achievable with "air cooled" or "dry" heat rejection devices, such as the radiator in a car, allowing for more cost effective and energy efficient operation of systems in need of cooling.

For the purposes of this study, the analysis was focused on the cooling tower projects. Chillers, air conditioners, and spot coolers were considered out of scope for this study and have been excluded from the analysis.

This study captures the following information:

  • Market Size, Growth Rate, Revenue Forecasts (2021-2028)
  • Growth Drivers and Restraints
  • Market Data
  • Quotes by Industry Participants
  • Market Share Analysis
  • Market Trends 

Companies Featured: 

Major rental market participants include: Aggreko, plc., Sunbelt Rentals, Midwest Cooling Tower Services, LLC, United Rentals, Carrier Rentals, Trane Rental Services, and Caterpillar, Inc., among others.

Major OEM market participants include: SP Cooling Technologies, Inc., Evapco, Inc., Baltimore Aircoil Company, Cooling Tower Depot, Inc., and International Cooling Tower, Inc., among others. 


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