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A comprehensive analysis of the Water Filtration Bottle Market in North America including market sizing, market share by competitor, market share by distribution channel, drivers, restraints, product pricing trends, industry quotations, company profiles and market forecasts to 2024 for the United States and Canada. 

[Published January 2018]

Companies Featured:

Lifestraw, The Clorox Company (BRITA), Kor, CamelBak, Aquasana, LifeSaver, Bobble, Sawyer, Grayl, Thermos, among others

Market Definitions:

The terms and definitions for the bottled water filtration and purification are as follows:

Water Filtration: This process typically involves the removal of bacteria, protozoa, chemicals and - pesticides from water utilizing membrane filter in a water filtration bottle.

Water Purification:  Generally speaking, a water filter is designed to remove waterborne protozoa and bacteria, but not viruses. A water purifier is designed to combat all three classes of microbes, including viruses. UV light, chemical purification treatments, boiling or mechanical pump purifiers are required to deactivate viruses or killing them., making it a more thorough process to remove possible contaminants.

Hollow Fiber Membrane: Hollow fiber membrane is a type of filtration, which utilizes numerous long porous filaments packed inside a body. Each filament is very narrow in diameter and very flexible. These are one of the most commonly used filtration systems.

Ceramic Filters:  Ceramic filter systems consist of a porous ceramic filter that is attached to, or sits on top of a plastic or ceramic receptacle. Contaminated water is poured into a top container. It passes through the filter(s) into a receptacle below.

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