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A comprehensive analysis of the Russian Cookware Market.  For the purposes of this study, cookware is limited to what can be used on top of the stove. 

[Published July 2017]


“In Russia, you have to take into consideration how the market is structured. The typical small household retailers do not exist in Russia. Just after the end of the Soviet Union, the Western-style hypermarket entered Russia, and so we have today a wide range of hypermarkets like Auchan, Karusel and Magnit." - Industry Participant

For the purposes of this research, cookware is defined as utensils used on the top of stove for cooking purposes.

Cookware products include:
Pressure cookers
Fry pans
Grill pans
Dutch ovens
Omelet pans
Chestnut pans
Sauté pans 
Materials include:
Stainless steel
Cast iron
Nonstick coatings
  • There is no standard definition for premium cookware in Russia. For purposes of this research, premium cookware in Russia is priced over $80.
Companies include:

Golder Electronics (Rondell), Zwilling J.A. Henckels (Zwilling), Groupe SEB, VitesseBerghoff, Bergner, Zepter International (Zepter), Gipfel Company (Gipfel), Amway, Fissler, and others.

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