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A comprehensive analysis of the German Commercial Point-of-Use (POU) Water Treatment Market, including market sizing, market share by competitor, drivers restraints and forecasts to 2023.

[Published January 2017]

POU filters can be installed where high quality water is important. This study covers only the commercial POU market and does not take into consideration POE applications.

The end user groups includes almost all applications in the HORECA sector: coffee and espresso machines, dishwashers, steamers, drinks/vending machines and ice machines.

Hard water is the most common water concern in Germany. Extremely hard water containing lime scale can make coffee taste bitter. Lime scale buildup on machines can lead to enormous additional costs, due to increased energy consumption and equipment wear and tear. Hard minerals buildup on fixtures and damage appliances. POU filters minimize the risk of lime scale deposits reducing service and maintenance costs.

Information covered:

  • Growth drivers, restraints and challenges, technologies and trends
  • Competitive landscape with market share analysis (2016) by company revenue, end user and technology
  • Quotes by key industry participants

Companies covered include: BRITA, Pentair, Best Water Technologies (BWT), and 3M, among others.

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