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Virtual healthcare solutions are about to witness increased adoption in next 5 to 6 years, according to Verify Markets analysis. Telemedicine and m-health solutions have offered numerous benefits to both healthcare professionals and patients alike. Advantages such as increased reach, ease of access, and higher assurance of adherence and compliance have led to the increasing adoption of telemedicine and m-health solutions across the world. These solutions have supported a wide spectrum of healthcare business cases, including reduction in healthcare service costs relating re-admissions and follow-up consultations in developed economies. In emerging economies, similar solutions are used to offer affordable, convenient and quick healthcare services to rural areas and secluded communities. These electronic healthcare (e-Health) solutions have revolutionized the healthcare industry across the world. 

According to the analyst’s coverage at Verify Markets, rising awareness and increasing adoption of e-Health solutions have led to the emergence of an innovative business model in the healthcare delivery space. Various stakeholders in the healthcare industry, including medical professionals, pharmacists, physicians and other caregivers, are working towards providing integrated and comprehensive delivery of healthcare services over an electronic platform. These efforts have led to the evolution of stand-alone e-Health solutions to transform into an overall virtual healthcare delivery solution.

Virtual healthcare solutions encompass various aspects of healthcare delivery, including physician consultations, prescription drugs, patient referrals, and post treatment follow-ups. Companies in this market offer various levels of services, ranging from asynchronous medical consultations over messages to complete diagnostic and treatment service. These virtual healthcare solution providers enable customers to choose an appropriate model of consultation, depending on nature of the medical condition. The solutions have proven instrumental in reducing costs and time associated with unnecessary hospital visits. Additional features (such as reminders for medication and quick consultation) have also proven effective in post-treatment follow-ups and adherence. Virtual healthcare solutions have led to the enhancement in efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services. 

Companies operating in the virtual healthcare solutions market are engaged in developing specialized and focused solutions in this segment. For instance, MedAvail Technologies, Inc. has designed its MedAvail’s MedCenter® kiosk, which acts as a stand-alone pharmacy delivery station. The machine is incorporated with various features, including prescription scanning, video consulting, card-based payments, and on the spot drug collection. Another prominent vendor in this market is HealthTap, Inc., which offers end-to-end delivery of virtual healthcare services from basic consultation to patient treatment and referrals. Other key players in the virtual healthcare solutions market include Virtual Health, Inc., Virtual Healthcare Solutions, Inc., HealthSpot, Inc., and Medeo Health, Inc., among others.

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