From Carbon to Reverse Osmosis - The Changing Face of the Residential Water Treatment Market in Thailand

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thailand residential home water purifiers market report

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023 --  A recent analysis conducted by Verify Markets  reveals that the Thailand Residential Water Treatment Market is experiencing consistent growth. The market's value has surpassed $390.0 million and is projected to exceed $550.0 million in revenue during the forecast period. Key market drivers encompass factors such as deteriorating water quality, heightened product awareness, increasing health consciousness, a shift towards eco-friendly lifestyles, and the rise of e-commerce.

Companies employ diverse strategies to promote their water treatment systems and captivate customer interest. One favored tactic involves offering membership discounts and rewards, a strategy well-received by Thai consumers who appreciate point accumulation and special privileges.

Social media serves as a pivotal platform for product promotion, enabling customers to conveniently engage with representatives and make purchases. Moreover, companies are harnessing cultural festivals, like Loy Krathong, to provide enticing discounts and attract customers. Leading players like Coway employ bundle discounts and cross-selling techniques to promote their products. Additionally, trade-in promotions from companies such as Coway and PURE are enticing customers to upgrade by exchanging their old products.

Consumer concerns surrounding water quality, taste, and installation significantly influence purchasing decisions in Thailand's water purifier market. Market players effectively address these concerns by highlighting product features that alleviate these issues. For example, they emphasize their products' ability to efficiently remove pollutants from water, resulting in enhanced water quality and taste. Additionally, they emphasize filter life and replacement options, ensuring customers are well-informed about maintenance requirements.

In the residential water treatment market, systems priced between $300 USD and $600 USD constitute a substantial portion of sales by revenue. Popular technologies in Thailand include carbon and UV, although there is a growing preference for reverse osmosis, other membrane technologies, and ionizers. Reverse osmosis is expected to grow tremendously over the forecast period.

Key market players include Amway, Thiensurat Public Company Limited, Siam Cast Nylon Co., Ltd (Pure), Giffarine Skyline Unity Co., Ltd., Coway Co., Ltd., and Mazuma Co. Ltd.

The Thailand Residential Water Treatment Market report is segmented by POU systems, pitchers, and replacement filters. The study is based on data from 2022, with forecasts provided until 2029. The report encompasses various market dynamics such as growth drivers, constraints, market revenues and forecasts, technology trends, and a competitive landscape assessment.
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