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Mr. Marzin Shroff is the Chief Executive Officer of Direct Sales and the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Eureka Forbes.   He is the brand trustee of 3 Superbrands – Aquaguard, Euroclean and Eureka Forbes, and has the task of steering the largest vertical at the company. His responsibility is thought leadership, category leadership, and market leadership. Marzin proactively manages business risks and is responsible for cultivating best in class talent, along with building strong leadership and succession plans.

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Pete Horton is Vice President / Market Development at WattStopper / Legrand, bringing 30 years experience in integrating electrical and mechanical control systems for commercial spaces.  He was co-founder and President of Horton Controls (1985), a national manufacturer of lighting control systems, until the company was acquired by Legrand in 2000.

In 2007 he led the creation of the Digital Lighting Management controls platform for Legrand, a scalable room based solution that provides control and data acquisition for lighting and plug load applications.    

The system was introduced in 2009 and controls over 60 million square feet of commercial space in North America.

Today, Pete is leading the AIC Wireless controls business unit (www.aic-wireless.com) in which he successfully led the acquisition in 2013.  AIC Wireless provides performance based solutions through ESCO's, VARS (Value Added Resellers), and System Integrators in commercial, government and industrial applications.

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San Antonio, TX - Natural disasters, building system failures, planned maintenance, repairs and equipment replacement impacts the normal operation of an organization’s ability to function properly. Every company and organization needs to include an HVAC contingency plan as part of its comprehensive crisis-response strategy to avert such situations.  Leading HVAC rental service companies provide their customers with a wide range of new, state of the art HVAC equipment.

The rental HVAC equipment market is valued at over $550 million. The market is expected to show continued growth with the recovering economy, GDP growth and new building construction.    Growth in this market is also expected due to the shift in end-user preference of renting equipment, rather than purchasing it. The HVAC rental market is expected to rise at a fast pace as customers increasingly discover the benefits of renting equipment.

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San Antonio, TX - The Chinese residential water softener market was estimated to be over $200.0 million in 2013. The market is dominated by a handful of key players, which include Ecowater Systems LLC, (Ecowater), Shanghai Canature Environmental Products Co., Ltd (Canature), and Pentair, Inc. (Pentair), among others. Some of the key drivers in this market include new building construction, luxury villas, water hardness, increasing spending power, and increasing awareness among consumers.

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San Antonio, TX - The humidity control market in the United States is currently centered around three major factors; comfort, wellness and efficiency.  The concept of healthy homes, keeping living space healthier, overall wellness, comfort (from a temperature stand point) and cost saving and energy efficiency are going to drive the humidity control equipment market. 

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Energy News
CAMARILLO, CA, July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - BNK Petroleum Inc. (the "Company") (TSX: BKX) is pleased to announce that its indirect wholly owned subsidiary BNK Petroleum (US) Inc. ("BNK US") has obtained a new US$100,000,000 credit facility ("new facility") from Morgan Stanley...  read more...read more...
Water News
USDA has announced that it is providing $9.7 million in emergency water assistance to 73,000 residents in 11 counties throughout the state of California experiencing the driest year on record.  read more...read more...
Environmental News
RESEDA, Calif., July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Community leaders and representatives from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's and Congressman Brad Sherman's offices were on hand for the unveiling of a new solar hot water system, fully financed and installed by Skyline Innovations for...  read more...read more...
Consumer Products News
LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hollywood's celebrated jewelry designer Neil Lane (www.neillanejewelry.com) added sparkle to ABC's season finale of the hit romance-reality series The Bachelorette, which aired Monday, July 28 (8:00–10:01 p.m., ET), when Andi Dorfman...  read more...read more...
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