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A comprehensive analysis of the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) market for India including market sizing, market share by competitor, drivers, restraints and market revenue forecasts to 2024. 

[Published November 2018]

The report captures the following information about the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Market in India:

  • Market Size, Growth Rate, Revenue Forecast (2017 - 2024)
  • Market Trends
  • Market Drivers
  • Market Restraints
  • Market Share by Company Revenue
  • Market Share by Component Revenue
  • Market Share by Medical Device
  • Market Share by End-User
  • Industry Challenges
  • IoMT Applications
  • Market Landscape
  • Competitive Landscape Assessment
  • Quotes from Industry Participants
  • Company Profiles


Termss & Definition:

Internet of Things (IoT):  The Internet of Things is a network of physical objects – vehicles, machines, home appliances, and more – that use sensors and application program interfaces (APIs) to connect and exchange data over the Internet. 

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT): IoMT refers to a connected system of medical devices and applications that collect data, which is then provided to healthcare IT systems through online computer networks.


Key Market Segments:

Healthcare: Use of IoT in healthcare enables remote patient monitoring and medical device and asset management.

Transport: IoT helps reduce accidents, monitors traffic patterns, and can be used to ease traffic congestions.

Business: It is used across a wide section of operational channels, enabling businesses to monitor various operations and activities including, but not limited to, inventory management, energy consumption patterns, and staff time-sheets across multiple branches.

Home: An increasing number of homes are adopting connected home security systems; it also helps in remote operation and monitoring of various of home appliances.

Energy: IoT is being used to monitor residential and commercial power consumption to help save energy, especially during peak-load hours.

Companies Featured:  Medtronic (India Medtronic Pvt. Ltd.), GE Healthcare (Wipro GE Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.), Siemens Healthcare GmbH (Siemens Ltd.), Koninklijke Philips N.V. (Philips India Limited), Microsoft Corporation, IBM Corporation, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and many others. 

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