Claim Validation

Is your company or brand the leader in an industry? Be heard! Use our Claim Certifications and Industry Leader Interviews for more expose and legal claim backing. Our custom research allows Verify Markets to quantify market positioning for any company, product or service. We provide third-party confirmation regarding your brand's positioning and your customer's opinion. Marketing claims can be used to convey product and company strength, as well as value.  Verify Markets' claim validation services and market advertising campaigns are effective at building a positive brand perception. 


Customized Market Research

Verify Markets can acquire market data and/or competitive intelligence to support your company and aid you in your strategic planning process. Our capabilities are not limited by industry; Verify Markets has contacts across market verticals. Any type of data-set is attainable and we will structure an appropriate methodology to address your goals and accommodate your budget. Our custom market research will assist your business needs.


Verify Markets provides short, educational papers that describe how a particular product or service addresses challenges in the market. The typical white paper is technology, product, service or market focused.

  • Technology White Paper: More of an educational, thought-leading paper to illustrate the pros or cons of a particular technology. It could also tout the benefits of a solution over others currently deployed.
  • Product or Service White Paper: This solution could focus on your Company’s services and benefits. The paper can include a testimonial and illustrate one of your customer's experience and highlight the features / functionality / uses / technology / strengths of using your service in various environments or applications, etc.
  • Market White Paper: Focused on a particular market segment or challenge your industry is facing. A market-focused whitepaper could be used for industry promotion or challenge identification. This whitepaper will allow you to present your solution in a forum where one is not yet defined.

Whitepapers are great tools to educate customers, investors and potential partners while maintaining credibility through a third-party.

Verified Leader Awards

Verify Markets identifies companies that are leaders within a respective industry. These companies are given awards, which are selected by the consultant writing the report. We then will do a press release on the award recipients. Companies can promote their award publicly to boost brand awareness and confidence.  


Some examples of award categories:

  • Global Verified Market Leadership
  • Verified Business Achievement in Market Share for each market segment covered
  • Verified Business Achievement in Unit Shipments for each market segment covered
  • Verified Business Achievement in Fastest Growing Technology for each market segment covered