Amway Claims

The following claims made by Amway have been verified by Verify Markets. These claims are based on proprietary data according to the following parameters:

Verify Markets held extensive discussions with key market participants globally that had made significant contributions to their respective industries. The research methodology used includes both bottom up as well as top down methodology.

Bottom up Methodology: This method uses a series of interviews with all suppliers to determine revenues by each company during the base year. These are added together to give the total market size.

Top Down Methodology: This method is based on a series of competitive interviews where each competitor is asked for an estimate of the market size. These estimates are weighted and then averaged for the market size calculation.

The whole exercise was spread over the following phases:

  • Exploratory research for identifying the market participants & their corresponding first cut market share.

  • Both primary and secondary research to capture market demographics in terms of spread, segmentation, and share of each of the market participants identified above.

  • Several secondary sources like trade publications, company websites, online databases, press releases and others were used for this analysis.

For the Atmosphere claims, a product is defined as a single model number within a brand or product line.

CLAIM: "eSpring is the world's number one selling residential water treatment product."

CLAIM: "eSpring has been the world's number one selling residential water treatment product since 2009."

CLAIM: "On average, reverse osmosis systems waste up to 80 percent of the influent water."

CLAIM: "Atmosphere Sky is the world’s number one selling air treatment systems product." 

CLAIM: "Atmosphere Sky is Malaysia's number one selling air treatment systems product." 

CLAIM: "L.O.C Multi-Purpose Cleaner is the world's first biodegradable cleaner."