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A comprehensive analysis of the Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE) Market for Africa and Asia covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, India, and Bangladesh including market sizing, trends, drivers, challenges, market share by revenue of business model, and market forecasts to 2024. 

M-KOPA SOLAR is the recipient of the Verified Market Leader Award for 2018.

[Published September 2018]

According to 2016 statistics, there were an estimated 1.1 billion people without access to electricity globally. Countries like India and Nigeria have a significant number of people living off-grid. An estimated, 200 million households do not have access to electricity, or are living with an unreliable electricity supply.* In such a scenario, decentralised systems have proven to be the most cost-effective solutions for the population to access to electricity in rural areas.

This study focuses on the distributed renewable energy market in the developing world, primarily Africa and Asia, with a specific focus on Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, India and Bangladesh. For purposes of this research, distributed renewable energy covers ‘PAYGO’ products and cash sales that are not connected to any centralised grids.

This report captures the following information on the African and Asian DRE Market:

  • Market Size, Growth Rate, Revenue Forecasts (2017-2024)
  • Growth Drivers & Restraints
  • Market Trends
  • Market Landscape
  • Supplier Landscape q Strategic Recommendations

Companies Featured: M-KOPA SOLAR Kenya Ltd, d.light design inc., Lumos Global B.V., Greenlight Planet Inc., BBOXX Ltd., Mobisol GmbH, Off-Grid Electric Tanzania Limited, SolarNow Services (U) Ltd., and Simpa Energy India Pvt. Ltd., among others.

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