Europe and Asia-Pacific Carbon Emissions Trading Market: Germany, UK, China, Korea and New Zealand are promising markets with a huge growth potential

Press Release

San Antonio, Texas -- According to new a new market report from Verify Markets, the European and Asia-Pacific Carbon Emissions Trading market was valued at $25.7 billion in 2017. The key drivers for the carbon emissions trading market include the Paris Agreement, Government intervention, and sustainable development goals.

The European region represented an estimated 97.0 percent of the overall market by revenue in 2017. Germany represented an estimated 24.2 percent of the European carbon emissions trading market by revenue in 2017. Germany has been observing slow paced emission reductions as compared to other European nations. The secondary market dominated the carbon emissions trading market in Germany during the base year of this research. The energy sector is the key end-user group across all countries. In order to achieve emission reductions, countries have been trying to replace fossil fuel based power generation with renewable energy.

The market in China is expected to grow significantly during the forecast period. The ETS market in China has been evolving, is unorganized, competitive and price sensitive. The key driver for growth will likely be China’s new national carbon emissions trading scheme. The European carbon emissions trading market had been growing at a slower pace.

Key challenges in this market, especially in the APAC region, include lack of cooperation between different country governments, an imperfect trading mechanism and lagging legislation.

The study is very detailed. The base year for the study is 2017 and forecasts are provided until 2024. The key countries covered in this study include Germany, the United Kingdom, South Korea, China, New Zealand and others. The study covers market share by revenue by trade type, and sector as well as quotes by key industry participants.

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