Equipment Rental Opportunities: Pioneering Value-Added Services Amidst Personnel Shortages

Trends & Insights

Equipment rental companies are finding themselves at a pivotal juncture. The demand for equipment and turnkey solutions is on the rise, however, businesses are facing personnel shortages that hinder their ability to operate efficiently and effectively. These shortages, exacerbated by rising interest rates that render the terms for capital purchases prohibitively expensive, underscore a critical gap in the market. This scenario presents a unique opportunity for equipment rental companies to evolve beyond traditional rental models and offer value-added services that address customer challenges head-on. By integrating services along with technicians and operators; rental companies can be positioned as solution providers that can add value where customers face shortcomings. 

Opportunity: Direct Fired Heaters for Pest Control

Direct-fired heaters emerge as a potent solution for pest control, notably in combating bed bug infestations. These heaters generate a substantial volume of hot air, crucial for swiftly and efficiently heating spaces to temperatures that eradicate bed bugs. By offering these heaters with trained personnel, equipment rental companies can augment their pest control services, providing a value-added proposition. Given the anticipated increase in pest activity due to climate change, with predictions suggesting up to five additional insect life cycles per season for a 2°C temperature rise, the relevance of such services is poised to escalate.


Opportunity: Mobile Water Treatment Equipment for Contaminated Water

The necessity for treated feed water spans across boiler operations, pumps, and numerous industrial processes, presenting a convergence opportunity for equipment rental companies. With documented shortcomings in municipal water systems and the deteriorating state of America’s drinking water infrastructure, the demand for mobile water treatment solutions is acute. Equipment rental firms are ideally positioned to supply these water treatment units, equipped with trailers or trucks and complemented by trained technicians. This turnkey solution is invaluable for communities, industries, or agricultural operations lacking the expertise to effectively tackle water quality issues. The recent merger of Evoqua and Xylem underscores the market potential for such convergence.

Opportunity: Operators & Value-Added Services for Production Rental

The production equipment rental sector is characterized by a unique scenario where crew members often own and operate their equipment. This presents an opportunity for rental companies to collaborate with crews, offering comprehensive services to the production industry. Companies like TAIT, PRG, NEP, fuse, 4Wall, WFW, and Solotech have already ventured into providing value-added services such as production services, virtual production, and design engineering. By including operators and value-added services in rental packages, these companies can streamline the production or event planning process, offering a more integrated solution.

Opportunity: Air Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines for Construction and Restoration

Maintaining air quality and controlling dust during construction, renovation, or restoration projects is a formidable challenge. Air scrubbers and negative air machines play a crucial role in filtering airborne particles, safeguarding worker health and preventing dust dissemination. Equipment rental companies that offer these machines, along with knowledgeable personnel to oversee their operation, can significantly aid construction and restoration firms, especially those facing staffing shortages.

Opportunity: Tank Degassing Services for Petrochemical Customers

In the petrochemical sector, tank degassing is a critical service required to prepare tanks for maintenance or decommissioning. This process, aimed at removing hazardous gases and vapors, necessitates specialized degassing equipment and certified operators. Equipment rental companies can fulfill this need, ensuring petrochemical operations are conducted safely and efficiently, while also mitigating the challenge of sourcing qualified personnel for such specialized tasks.

Opportunity: Robotic Camera Systems for Live Broadcasting

The advent of robotic camera systems has revolutionized live broadcasting, especially for sports events and large-scale conferences. These systems facilitate dynamic camera movements and angles without requiring large crews. Equipment rental companies that provide these advanced robotic cameras, along with operators skilled in their programming and control, enable broadcasters to produce high-quality live content with reduced on-site personnel.


By incorporating specific equipment types, such as direct-fired heaters, generators, air scrubbers, and robotic camera systems, into their offerings (and pairing these with expert operators), equipment rental companies are uniquely positioned to meet the diverse needs of their clients. This strategic approach not only bridges the gap caused by personnel shortages across various industries, but also cements the role of rental companies as indispensable partners capable of delivering comprehensive solutions. As businesses continue to navigate the challenges of limited staffing and specialized needs, the role of equipment rental companies in providing value-added services is set to become increasingly vital.

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