Aromatherapy Diffusers: Big Sales Opportunity, Small Mass Retail Presence

Press Release

Verify Markets' analysis of the North American Aromatherapy Diffuser Market shows that the market is valued at over $200 million with a respectable growth rate. The American grocery experience is changing with movement towards natural products stores and growing the aromatherapy diffusers category, catering to consumer preferences across the United States. Essential oils and aromatherapy diffusers are now carried at many natural products and grocery stores. These natural products stores include premium grocers, like Whole Foods. Aromatherapy diffusers are used to disperse the essential oils so that their aroma fills an area with a natural fragrance derived from the oil. Ultrasonic diffusers and nebulizers are the most common product utilizing essential oils for aromatherapy (

The aromatherapy diffuser market is nontraditional in the sense that the majority of sales are in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) channel through independent sales representatives. Leading market participants, like doTERRA International and Young Living Essential Oils, sell most of their diffusers through the MLM channel. Other major channels include natural products retailers and internet sales.

Some mass market retailers, like Bed, Bath & Beyond, have already started carrying aromatherapy diffusers in-store. While other stores, like Wal-Mart and Target, currently sell them online. It is expected that other mass retailers will carry diffusers in-store in the future at a lower retail cost, potentially driving a price war in the market place.

The key companies in this market include: NOW Products, doTERRA, Young Living Essential Oils, Spa Room (Unitrex), ZAQ (Enovize), NuSkin,  Ameo (Zilja), and GreenAir, among many others.

This report provides an overview of the aromatherapy diffuser market in the United States and Canada. The report captures the growth drivers, restraints, trends, market landscape, and supplier landscape and provides strategic recommendations.

This study also includes revenue forecasts for diffuser sales. The base year of the study is 2014 and revenue forecasts are provided up to 2021.  A copy of the 2015 – North American Aromatherapy Diffuser Market research report can be obtained at  Follow us for updates on LinkedIn and Twitter @verify_markets.

Photo: Phuzen