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A comprehensive analysis of the Eastern European Residential Air Treatment System Market segmented by country for 2011, including; Poland, Slovakia, Russia and others.

[Published October 2011]

For the purposes of this research, residential air treatment systems are portable systems and are defined as the following:

        •  Ultraviolet Air Purifiers 
        •  Ion Generators and Ozone Generators 
        •  Electrostatic Precipitators 
        •  Hybrid Air Purifiers 
        •  Charged Media Filters 
        •  HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filters 
        •  Others (any other new or upcoming technology) 

The market research report includes Russia, Poland and Slovakia

There are more than 50 players in the Eastern European Residential Air Treatment Systems (ATS) market.  Major participants include De'Longhi group S.p.A., Blueair Inc., Jarden Corporation, Daikin Europe, Sharp Electronics, Plaston AG, Electrolux AB, Koninklijke Philips Electronics, POLARIS International, Ballu Industrial Group, Desa Group, Zelmer SA, Venta, Fujitsu, Premiair, Vitek, Whirlpool, Lentz King and others.

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