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A comprehensive analysis of the North American Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Market including Level II and Level III electric vehicle chargers for 2010.

Executive Summary

[Published September 2010]

Market Definition by Product

Electric Vehicles (EV)

An EV, in this report, consist of two types of vehicles:  a battery electric vehicle and a plug-in  hybrid electric vehicle.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)

In essence, an HEV is an electric vehicle that uses an onboard internal combustion engine linked to a motor/generator to drive the vehicle and/or recharge the batteries. There are several different types of hybrid-electric vehicles; some utilize gasoline and diesel engines, alternative fuels engines, gas turbines or fuel cells in conjunction with batteries.

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

EVSE is a term used to describe EV chargers.  This report deals specifically with level two and three chargers.  Level one chargers will not be included in our analysis. 

Level Two Chargers

Unless otherwise specified, the level two charger market consists of both residential

and commercial chargers.  Level two is a high-powered charging, which is 240 volts, 40 amps in the United States. 

Level Three Chargers

Level three or DC fast chargers, charge at 480 volts, 400 amps with three-phase power.  DC fast chargers in the market range from 30 KW to 250 KW.


EVs mentioned in this study are primarily focused on passenger cars. Since EVs are not readily available in the market and most of the EVs planned to launch are of the passenger car market, this study will aim at analyzing the trends of EVs through the passenger car segment.

Revenues and Units Defined

Revenues mentioned in this study refers to standard U.S. Dollars.  Costs incurred in other services, such as installation, revenue streams from use of the chargers themselves, and/or maintenance of the chargers, are not included.

Geographic Region Defined

Geographic regions covered by the e-mobility industry in North America include both the USA and Canada.

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