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A comprehensive analysis of the Global Mobile Water Treatment Equipment Market segmented by region.

[Published September 2011]

The purpose of this study is to provide analysis on the mobile water and wastewater treatment systems for fast response and emergency situations, supplemental or temporary requirements. Mobile water treatment solutions are often used to assist industrial customers during plant start up and maintenance outages when the plant’s water treatment system is unavailable or cannot meet the water production requirements. The units come in two general forms; trailers that can be towed down highways by semi-trucks and skids, which are built into standard cargo container units that can be transported to site on ships, trains and lorries.

        •  The end user group includes industries as well as municipalities. 
        •  The following regions have been covered for the purposes of this research: 
        •  Americas (USA, Canada, Central America, Latin America and Caribbean) 
        •  Middle East and Africa 
        •  Asia Pacific 
        •  Europe (Western, Eastern Europe and CIS states) 
        •  This study captures market size, and growth rates until 2017 with 2010 as the base year. 
        •  Market drivers and restraints. 
        •  Pricing analysis 
        •  Technological trends 
        •  Competitive landscape 
        •  Quotes by industry participants 

Segmented by: 

Membrane Systems - Reverse Osmosis (RO), Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration 
Resin Systems - Demineralization (DI) - Softening, Condensate, Polish and Deoxygenation (DEOX) systems
Others - Electrodeionization, Multimedia filtration and others

Companies featured in the study include GE, Siemens, Pall Corporation, Veolia, Ecolutia, Degremont, Eurowater, Lenntech and others.

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