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A comprehensive analysis on markets within Eastern Europe taken from the "Analysis on Select Global Residential Water Treatment Markets" report.

[Published October 2010]

Market Definition by Product

Point-of-entry (POE) systems: Point-of-entry systems are attached to the water line as the water enters the home and usually treats all the water entering the home. Point-of-entry systems are capable of addressing a broad spectrum of water treatment and purification needs. These systems are large, high capacity, high flow rate head, and sump filters that are plumbed in so that all or most of the water entering passes through them. Point-of-entry systems are usually expensive to buy and to install as compared to point-of-use equipment and pitchers.

Point-of-use counter top (CT) systems: These systems are portable and no permanent installation is required. These units are placed on the kitchen counter and are in plain view. The CT unit is usually hooked up to the end of the faucet, and the treated water is either released through a separate spigot on the CT unit or is returned to the faucet. The notable exception is distillers, which are also included in this segment, where the end user needs to pour the water into the kettle of the unit. The CT units fall between the faucet mount (FM) units and under-the-sink (UTS) systems. They offer more variety in water treatment options than the FM units, but are limited in capacity, in that they are located on top of the counter, taking up space in the kitchen.

Point-of-use  under-the-sink (UTS) systems: This water filter cleanses the water by reducing the amount of harmful contaminants such as chlorine, rust, sediment, lead, and bacteria. It is ideal for drinking water and cooking. The UTS units are so called because all the required water treatment components fit neatly beneath the kitchen sink and thus looks very neat and do not clutter the kitchen. The only component that will show that the kitchen is equipped with a UTS unit is a spigot located near the sink. The consumer usually operates a lever or button to release the treated water. Some systems utilize light to let the end user know when it is time to replace the filters, while other systems will start to beep. Some units even offer an automatic shut-off feature, ensuring that the water is always safe to drink. UTS type water treatment systems require permanent installation, including tapping the water line. End users who prefer temporary installation can opt for water treatment systems, such as faucet mount or counter top. There are three common technologies that an UTS system will utilize, which include mainly carbon/sediment filtration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet.

Point-of-use faucet mount (FM) systems: FM are small filters that go directly on the end of a faucet. These filters have good reduction capabilities for a variety of impurities. However, they are small in size, and have low capacities and low flow rates. Faucet-mount filters remove taste and odors.

Pitchers: These units are capable of removing a variety of impurities depending on their design. However, their filtration capacity is limited and they take up refrigeration space. Water pitchers are cheap residential water treatment systems available to consumers. They remove odors, and turbidity. The water is filtered by gravity by means of a filter cartridge. This cartridge is made up of granulated activated carbon or a carbon block and removes chlorine and other chemicals commonly found in water.

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