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2014 - Water Softener Market: India

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2014 - Water Softener Market: India
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Verify Markets' analysis on the Indian Water Softener Market details the emerging Residential and Commercial water softening equipment market.  The study includes market sizing, market share by competitor, market share by end-user group, drivers, restraints, distribution trends, pricing trends, quotes from industry participants and a revenue forecast to 2020.  
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Companies Featured:

Pentair Water India, Fontus Water Pvt Ltd., Thermax Ltd., Ion Exchange India, Kent, Aquionics, among others.

Research Scope:

This study provides an overview of the water softener market in India. This study captures the following information:

  • Market Overview

  • Market Drivers

  • Market Restraints

  • Market Size
  • Revenue Forecasts (2013 to 2020) 
  • Market Share Analysis By Revenues (2013)
  • Units Sold (2013)
  • Pricing Trends

  • Distribution Trends

  • Quotes from Key Industry Participants

More Details:

Some of the key market drivers include increasing consumer awareness regarding hard water and prevalence of hard water in several parts of India. Market challenges include: large unorganized market and lack of awareness regarding water softeners especially among residential consumers.

The majority of the sales in the commercial applications are through dealers and distributors. Direct sales are predominately used in the residential sector.

Below are some quotes from Industry participants :

“The major driver for water softeners is increasing awareness among people. As more and more people get aware about the benefits of water softeners, they are expected to start installing these products.”

“A large portion of the market growth is being captured by the unorganized sector.”

“It is a very complex kind of a market. You won’t find any standalone water softeners in terms of the larger applications because it is a mix of lot of things. The primary product for household applications would be the drinking water purifiers which will be RO or UV based. Water softeners go as an additional or supplementary product which takes care of the hardness not for drinking but for cooking, washing and other applications. So water softeners are essentially secondary products and not looked on as primary products for household applications.”

Verify Markets' study is very detailed. It provides the water softener size for both commercial and residential applications. It captures market share analysis, distribution structure, pricing trends, units sold, and detailed quotes on trends from key industry participants captured during the interview process. The base year is 2013 and forecasts are provided until 2020.
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